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About Joining Dots

Making sense out of IT

Sharon RichardsonJoining Dots was founded in 2006 by Sharon Richardson, to help organisations bridge gaps between what information technology can offer and the benefits being realised. Sharon previously worked at Microsoft (2000 - 2006) where roles included Lead Technology Specialist for SharePoint products in the UK and Regional Technology Strategist for 'Information Worker' solutions across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Before that, Sharon spent eight years (1992 - 2000) within multi-national corporations, building information systems and networks using available technologies people-information-technology

Combining ongoing research with consulting, dots being connected include:

Up to 40% of time is dedicated to studying and writing about trends connecting a range of topics, including: behavioural economics, information technology; network theory (complex systems); and visual design. Observations and articles are posted on the Blog and stored in the Library. The remaining time is spent applying lessons learned - Services - helping organisations harness technology to solve problems and create something of value

Red Pill / Blue Pill

¨There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path¨

Joining Dots connects theoretical possibilities (envision the future) with practical realities (current and competing priorities). Red Pill is 'do IT different': innovations that challenge assumptions to create new opportunities. Blue Pill is 'make IT work': what can be achieved within defined boundaries. Mix the two and, to borrow from marketing guru Seth Godin, you could end up with a meatball sundae

Underpinning all activities is a passion to understand and improve how systems work. We use real-world examples and prototypes to study what happens when people, information and technology collide. Technology alone is rarely the answer. You need to join the dots...

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Joining Dots Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number 5800018. VAT registration number: GB 889703269. Registered office: 8 Olympus Court, Olympus Avenue, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, England. CV34 6RZ


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The presentation delivered at TIPS (Taxonomy in Public Sector) on 21st May 2008 is now available online

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