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15 February 2010

SharePoint and Windows Mobile 7

Source: Gizmodo
Welcome to the new Office hub

Today, Microsoft finally unveiled Windows Mobile 7. To find out all about it, take your pick of the headlines on Techmeme.

Why am I blogging about it?  Just one line matters (well, a few others are also quite interesting but this is the one SharePoint customers have been waiting for):
"You can access any document from your Sharepoint server with editing and creation functionalities on your phone."
- Source: Know Your Mobile
About flamin' time :-)
More details will be published on the Internet over the next few days now that the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) period is over. For now, headlines are focused on the toys and technical specs (good and bad: not much backwards compatibility - if you have a current Windows Mobile device, you'll need a new one to access all this stuff). But finally, Windows Mobile is added to the range of Microsoft's client devices and apps configured 'out of the box' to access SharePoint, albeit starting from SharePoint 2010...
Here's Microsoft's promotional video: