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You are not required to register or fill in any forms prior to downloading files from here. If you find the content useful (or not), please do send feedback.  It helps to know if this stuff is useful to anyone.  File formats are shown in brackets after the file name.  If you don't have the full application to view the file, then download the appropriate reader from the list on the right (all readers listed are freely available for viewing files)


File Size Date Description
Enterprise Search Pt 1 (pdf) 3.3Mb Jun
Highlights from the Microsoft Enterprise Search workshop series - Part 1 of 4. See related blog post for presentation notes
Taxonomy in MOSS (pdf) 3Mb May 2008 Presented at TIPS (Taxonomy in Public Sector) community meeting, 21 May 2008. See related blog post for presentation notes
SharePoint 2008 Conference Report link Mar 2008 Published by the Montague Institute Review
Web of Knowledge (pdf) 2Mb Aug 2007 Article describing four different methods for creating and sharing content on the web: web pages, portals, wikis and blogs
SharePoint History (jpg) 300Kb Aug 2006 Diagram charting the lifecycle of features that form SharePoint Server 2007
DesignIT - Basic Needs (jpg) 1.0 Mb May 2006 DesignIT case study - BasicNeeds intranet replacement
What does Web 2.0 mean? (pdf) 195Kb Oct 2005 Printable report based on the blog post of the same name.
IM vs Email (pdf) 1.0 Mb May 2005 Presentation deliverd at the EEMA Annual Conference, looking at the similarities and differences between Instant Messaging and Email. Some screenshots have been removed.  If you are a member of EEMA, you can download the original from their web site.
Collab vs EDRM (pdf) 0.5 Mb Sept 2002 From a presentation given to a UK client who needed to implement a PRO-compliant EDRM solution and also wanted to enable collaboration.  Note: this pre-dates Sarbannes-Oxley and other compliance legislation


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