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About this visualisation

This visualisation was created using data provided by the Bank of England and published news to explore patterns in financial, political and related events over the past century. Charts can be filtered by selecting a political party and/or selecting a range of years, by clicking on the area of interest using a mouse or tapping the screen on a touch-sensitive display. When a filter is selected, all other charts except for the final summary will automatically update to zoom in on the selected range of data.

To interact with the visualisation:

Filter by party

To filter by a political party, tap or click on the party in one of the horizontal bar charts, displaying party in government and the party of the prime minister (for coalition periods). When at least one bar has been selected in the chart, the others in the same chart will become greyed out. You can deselect a bar by clicking/tapping on it again. Multiple bars can be selected across the two horizontal bar charts

Tap or click on a party Once selected, all other bars will be greyed out

Filter by time period (years)

To filter by a period of time in years, tap/click near the range of interest in the Annual GDP Growth vertical bar chart and then drag to the left or right of the bars. Once selected, a slide will appear that can be used to adjust the range either in size or the range selected.

Tap/click and drag the mouse (or your finger) along the range of years
Once selected, a slider will appear that can be used to adjust/move the range
Bars outside of the selected range will be greyed out

Note: The filter has been adjusted on the dashboard to use Population instead of Annual GDP Growth to filter by years

Reset options

To clear all filters, click/tap the ‘Reset Filters’ button.

If, for any reason, the data does not appear to have loaded correctly (not all charts are visible), click the ‘Reload Data’ button.

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